Women in Military Have More than One War to Fight


What’s worse?  Fearing you are going to be attacked by the Taliban or your own fellow serviceman? 
That’s the sickening reality females serving in our US military are facing every day.  Yesterday, NBC’s Natalie Morales on Rock Center with Brian Williams interviewed women who had been sexually assaulted by fellow members of the armed forces. The four servicewomen interviewed reported they feel betrayed and personally retaliated against because of reporting their assaults and rapes.  The interview brings to light a long-standing problem in our US armed forces. 

Last year, 3,192 service members across all branches of the military reported sexual assaults. Based on anonymous surveys conducted in 2010, the Department of Defense says a more accurate number of incidents involving sexual assault is actually closer to 19,000.
After watching the broadcast, I applaud these women for having the courage to stand up to military brass and talk about this epidemic of sexual assault within the ranks of our armed forces.  See broadcast here.        
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