What will it take to end sexual violence against women?

This video  is one you don\’t want to miss.  It was presented to a group of us attending the Georgia Symposium on Sexual Violence two weeks ago.  It left me inspired to continue talking about rape and sexual assault and to continue my involvement in any MOVEMENT to stop sexual violence against women.  
Here\’s what we can learn from this video:
1) It takes guts for a leader to stand out and be ridiculed.
2) In order to be effective, leaders should embrace followers as equals.
3) The first follower can transform a \”lone nut\” into a leader.
4) A movement must be public.  It must show not just the leader, but the followers as well.
5) Consequently, the followers can emulate the followers.
6) The result is powerful and can create a movement needed to bring about change.

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