In the Beginning…

Dear 939 Club:
As I sit here, we are just a few weeks away from the book launch on November 17.
This journey has been profound.  In only 9 months, I realize the manuscript is almost finished, the book jacket designed, the website has launched, and most importantly, I am closer to God because of writing the book.  I began 939 last November with nothing but a man named Ric Mandes by my side encouraging me day by day to continue writing and a story about to explode from my heart.  Now, I have all of you as my cheerleaders…people who believe in me and the purpose of this book.  I am humbled beyond words to have such special friends/colleagues in my life…
Many of you know I traveled to Atlanta this week to meet my medical team at Emory Hospital who will perform my thyroid surgery on Tuesday. Editor Ric made the trek with me so he could introduce me to some of his favorite people on Earth.  Through those meetings with them, I picked up a few more best friends in life…Joe and Cynthia McDaniel in Macon, Durwood Fincher and Margot Morris Dawkins in Atlanta.  Likewise, Ric became famous friends with two of my beloved childhood girlfriends Beth Brannen Chandler and Sandra Thackston Paris.
As I approached the next week with the knowledge the nodule on my thyroid and half of my thyroid would be removed, what I needed more than anything else was prayer.  Seriously, many of you have already been my prayer warriors during the last months and I have felt your prayers.  Time and again you have stopped the business of this crazy world in which we live and go to our Creator and ask Him to watch over me.  I must get well so I can go tell this story to people and help them heal as well.  There is so much hurt out there and I only want them to know you can find triumph through all the tears. 
I certainly have!
Love and blessings to you all,
Jenny Lynn
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