Room 939

My life changed in 1990.

I was in my early 20s. An independent, strong woman just starting my career as a public relations professional. I was unstoppable! Nothing could stand in the way of my success.

That was before I checked into Room 939. I was in Atlanta for a conference. Like millions of other hotel guests do every day, I was just walking down the hotel hallway alone. But this time was different. A man attacked me.

Before I knew what had happened, I was a victim to a random act of violence. I was shoved into my room, and was held at knifepoint. I was robbed and sexually assaulted. The perpetrator escaped and was never found.

He took more than my jewelry and money that night. He stole my identity…my voice. I experienced post traumatic stress. My constant companions became fear and anxiety for a long time. It took me 20 years to find myself. It was then that I decided to stop letting my PTSD control me.

I found my voice again when I published Room 939 in 2011. The pain of my experience is tattooed across the pages of my work. But so is the forgiveness I found.

And my voice can’t be taken away anymore. Now, I use it to shed light on a difficult subject. I help survivors and family members see that recovery is possible.

I am proof that you can start over when your life falls apart. Learn more about my journey and my work in Room 939. I hope it brings you the peace it brought me.

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