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“Jenny Lynn Anderson is a voice of passion and power on a subject that demands our attention and response.  All of us, especially those of us in higher education, must find ways to have the kinds of conversations that create real opportunities for change on this issue of sexual violence.  Jenny Lynn, through her own experiences and her strong desire that these experiences ‘fetch good out of evil,’ is making a powerful contribution to this much-needed conversation.” Hal Fulmer, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate and First Year Studies, Troy University

“As a speaker, she is entertaining, energetic and engaging.  She told the story of an idyllic childhood – the All-American girl from an All-American family – someone we could all relate to, which made her tragedy all the more gripping for those of us who heard it.”   Beth Frits, Frits & Co., Marketing & Special Events

“The conference evaluations were excellent and tell the effects of your presentation and sharing of yourself on the participants. Comments included: “Riveting”, “Inspiring”, “Very powerful presentation…the speaker did very well in educating the audience”, “Left lasting impressions and am thankful she had the courage to speak up”, and “Compelling story about the effect of trauma and the impact of PTSD.” Kathleen Koon, RN, PhD,   2nd Annual Professional Perspectives on Family and Workplace Violence Conference

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