Barbara Dooley…A True Survivor

     Barbara Dooley is one inspiring woman!  I admire her greatly because she is witty, entertaining and is a true southern woman…full of grace and grit.  A guest on her radio show recently, I was immediately captivated by her powerful, clear voice. 
\”Wow,\” I thought.  \”This is going to be a high energy 10-minute segment.\”
      And it was.
     Barbara, being a cancer survivor, knows a lot about overcoming the odds.  I liked the directness in her interview style.  I liked her pragmatic approach.  You know, it\’s hard to ask a sexual assault survivor personal questions, but Barbara just plowed in and asked the tough ones without hesitation because she has been there and overcome as well!  Listen to the interview here. 

2 thoughts on “Barbara Dooley…A True Survivor”

  1. As a Sexual Assault Adovcate, I am concerned about your use of the words “TRUE Survivor”. This leaves the reader believing that there is another category of “NOT TRUE Survivors”. Sexual Assault Survivors have a hard enough time being believed and supported without statements that further the myth that sexual assault victims are lying.

  2. Thanks for your comment and I could not agree more! In my book on page 40, I share with my readers this exact sentiment. On the night of my sexual assault, the police continued to use the word “alleged” in regard to my assault and it made me feel they did not totally believe me. In my blog about Barbara Dooley, I was confirming she has been faithful to share about her own battle with cancer. I appreciate you sharing your opinion about my choice in words because what you are saying is so accurate. Perhaps a better blog title would have been “Barbara Dooley…a Masterful Survivor.”

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