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MSC Seashore Cruise Deals: How I Scored a Bargain + Review

Who doesn’t love good deals? Recently, I was on the lookout for MSC Seashore Cruise deals and scored a bargain. You won’t believe the price I got when I took a 7-day cruise to the Western Caribbean.

In this post, I will share exactly how I scored this amazing deal so that you can do the same. You will also find an honest review of my (very affordable) cruise with MSC Seashore.

How I Scored a Luxury Bargain with One of the MSC Seashore Cruise Deals

Rooms in the MSC Seashore cruise.
My room, I got upgraded to a balcony room.

January through March is called the “wave season.” This is the absolute best time of the year to grab a bargain. The cruise ships aren’t typically sold out because children are in school so cruise lines offer gigantic discounts and incentives to fill their ships. Last-minute deals do exist!

My tip is to be diligent every day and check as many online cruise booking sites at different times of the day. I had been keeping my eye on several of my online cruise sources for the best prices and bam, on January 15, 2024, I found it! 

The MSC Seashore was offering a weeklong cruise out of Port Canaveral sailing to its private island in the Bahamas, Cozumel, and Costa Maya all for…drum roll please…$500 bucks per person. I was ecstatic. I called eight close friends and we booked it. 

Now, I must share this price was for an inside cabin. I have been on lots of cruises and I don’t mind an interior room because I’m never there! I stay outside on the decks, at shows, in restaurants, and clubs so I view a cruise cabin as a place to sleep, shower, and change into my bathing suit.

The story gets better.  

MSC offers the opportunity to upgrade to a better cabin once you booked. I opted not to spend more money, though. However, it happened anyway. When I got the next email, I’d been upgraded to a balcony room on the 14th deck (the ship has 22 decks). This MSC cruise deal was only $71 a day!

MSC Seashore Cruise Deals: Review

What Makes MSC Unique?

MSC Cruises is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and offers a more European-centric approach to cruises. In the United States, its brand name is not as well known as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and others, but its ships are sleek, modern, and high-tech. 

The design of the MSC Seashore is New York City-inspired and you’ll enjoy the famous sites of the Big Apple while cruising. From a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the casino bar to a sexy Brooklyn Cafe lounge and bar, you’ll enjoy all the sights and sounds of “the city that never sleeps.”

My favorite feature of the ship is the Atrium. A Swarovski crystal staircase graces this area and it makes you feel glamorous every time you descend its stairs.

The “formal dining” is reimagined on the MSC Seashore as well. Traditionally, you have one gigantic formal dining room where you eat for early or late seating. 

On this ship, you have several smaller restaurants where you dine. It makes the experience feel more intimate. And, of course, there’s a buffet area called The Marketplace. It’s the one area of the ship that I have not enjoyed. It’s too congested. Buffet areas on ships are notoriously busy, but this experience feels even more so. 

However, if you don’t want to eat at the buffet, there is the option to eat at your assigned restaurant and have a more formal, sit-down meal. 

If you love a cruise that has formality in food service, read my blog about the Viking Ve, a European river cruise I took last year. The Viking Cruise Line is known for its award-winning dining and cultural experiences.

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Sunset seen from a window of the MSC Cruise.

Demographics of the MSC Seashore Cruise Passengers.

Speaking of the buffet area, you can size up the demographic of a ship’s customers by hanging out in this area. I love to watch people and here’s what I observe about who is on board.

The passengers on the MSC Cruise are more affluent than the ones on the Carnival Cruise line. Most cruisers on this ship know to wear cover-ups, shoes, etc. when entering the buffet area. 

They are middle class and up, wear nice clothing, and are considerate. I have not seen people carrying around their plates near the buffet lines, all the while eating from their plates as I have on other cruises.  

The median age is around 40 and we have about 5,200 passengers on this sailing. I highly recommend this cruise for all ages since it has a baby camp, toddler camp, and teenager hangout places, as well as activities for all ages.

Our group ranged from 5 to 88 and we’ve all been happy. One server in the dining room told me this ship typically attracts a huge number of young couples traveling with toddlers and older children.

What to Expect Food to be Like on MSC Cruises.

Deserts on the MSC Seashore Cruise.
One of the desserts buffet at the Marketplace

I informally surveyed many people on board and the consensus is that people believe the quality and presentation of the MSC food is better than other cruise lines. 

The Marketplace Buffet area has everything from barbeque chicken, rice pilaf, grilled asparagus, and other healthy choices to hamburgers, sweet potato fries, hot dogs, and other simple fare. Green salads are plentiful as well as creative, cold rice and couscous salads.

I did notice they don’t fry a lot of foods and actually the french fries seemed to be one of the few items fried around. 

At night in the formal dining room, we had delicious entrees that ranged from filet mignon, lobster, and baked salmon to sumptuous desserts like baked Alaska, berry cobbler, and Grandma’s chocolate cake.  

Chocoholics will love that MSC has partnered with chocolatiers Venchi and Jean-Phillipe Maury. They offer freshly created chocolates plus gelato and baked goodies at a special Venchi Chocolate Bar.

Deck of the MSC Cruise.

What Packages Should Cruisers Purchase?

Some of our group purchased the drink package for $49 a day, but  I chose not to. The reason is that I experimented one time on a Carnival Mardi Gras ship to see if I actually drank that much in one day. From mimosas in the morning to pina coladas by the pool and wine at dinner, I tried all day to get my money’s worth and never reached the quota.

According to information online, MSC’s packages are as follows: 

  • Easy Package: $49 per person, per day
  • Easy Plus Package: $64 per person, per day
  • Premium Extra Package: $88 per person, per day
  • Alcoholic-Free Package: $30 per person, per day
  • Minors (3-20 years old): $21 per person, per day

I also reason that on some days you get OFF the ship and don’t drink hardly any alcoholic beverages so I personally just pay for a drink as I go. No matter if you imbibe or abstain, there are always new people to meet at any of the 17 bars on the ship.

In terms of non-alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, juice, and water are free. Bottled water is an extra charge.

However, I do suggest buying the internet package. We’re all so used to having access to the internet that to deny yourself of it will drive you insane. I decided to “unplug” on this trip so I only purchased one 24-hour internet package for $35, but in the future, I’ll never do this again. I’ll pre-purchase it before the cruise. I feel like I’ve had internet withdrawals. 

Don’t Miss the Luxury Spa.

The spa on the MSC Seashore Cruise.

My two girlfriends, Alice and Deidre, joined me for spa day when we decided to stay on board the day we were in Cozumel. We opted to take advantage of the small crowds on board and luxuriate in the Aurea Spa. 

For FIVE HOURS, we relaxed and totally immersed ourselves in the Therme Spa Area. It features steam rooms, dry saunas, salt jacuzzi baths, warm breeze showers, cold breeze showers, salt relax rooms, vertical Kneipp water therapy and a snow room. 

The snow room was my absolute favorite thing on the whole ship! Can you imagine going into a room with snow and sitting in your bathing suit on a wooden bench?

I did it over and over again. It’s an exhilarating experience after you have been sitting in a hot sauna and in the salt hot tub that’s cranked up to nearly 100 degrees. Ahhhh…yes a winter wonderland can exist in the middle of the Caribbean.

The Snow Room on the MSC Seashore Cruise.
The snow room, my favorite thing on the ship.

What are the Activities and Entertainment Like on Board?

The variety of adult activities and entertainment options on board totally blows my mind! I’m an “active” traveler so I love having tons of options to stay busy all day long.

I can assure you that you will never get bored on MSC. Here’s a small sampling of opportunities: pickleball, progressive trivia, movie: Michael Jackson This is It, Venchi chocolate demonstration, aerobics, basketball game for 18 plus, group cycling, sunrise stretch, mega bingo, dance lessons with dance instructor, dominoes tournament. 

And at night the entertainment was superb. American Idol Finalist Michael Lynche performed one night at The Madison Theater. On other nights we saw “Best of Broadway,” “Total Divas,” cirque artists, acrobats, jugglers, and magicians. The quality was excellent.

Night entertainment on the MSC Seashore cruise.
Acrobats performing at the Madison Theater

You’ll Never Gain Weight on an MSC Cruise.

I bet I got your attention on this one!

Here’s the catch. You have to go to the gym while you are on board and stay busy with walking, swimming, and other activities.

I visited the MSC gym several times during the week, did the stretching classes at 7 a.m., lifted weights, and took an awesome yoga class. I did not gorge myself with food all week and I maintained my weight.

The MSC gym is top-notch with the most modern equipment and even has personal trainers on board. A personal training session for 30 minutes is $34 and an hour session costs $49.

You can also get a body composition analysis for $99 but I opted “no” on that one. I don’t want to learn my body fat density when I’m on vacay. 🙂

Yoga classes on the cruise.
7 a.m. stretching classes

The Pools are Amazing.

With a passenger capacity of 5,632, the MSC Seashore is a huge cruise ship.

The good news is there are tons of outdoor decks and multiple pool areas for you to swim and sunbathe. Children love the indoor Jungle Pool and the Pirates Cove Aquapark.

The central pool, called the Long Island Pool, is surrounded by hot tubs and features a gigantic movie screen outdoors. At the aft of the ship is the jaw-dropping Infinity Pool where only adults can swim.

Speaking of outdoor pools, one of the ship’s standout attributes is its outdoor space, which not only provides breathtaking views but also brings passengers closer to the sea.

With more than three acres of outdoor space, guests have ample room to relax, unwind, and take in the sights and sounds of the ocean.

MSC Seashore Cruise Deals: Final Thoughts

The MSC Cruise Ship stands out as a remarkable vessel, offering passengers an unforgettable experience through its exceptional features and amenities.

The carefully designed public spaces enrich the onboard experience, creating a welcoming and immersive environment for guests to enjoy.

Moreover, the MSC Cruise Ship is renowned for its award-winning private island, Ocean Cay, offering passengers a unique and exclusive destination to enjoy. This island paradise adds an extra layer of luxury and excitement to the overall cruise experience, making it truly exceptional and memorable for all who embark on this extraordinary journey.

The best thing of all is that there are plenty of amazing MSC Seashore cruise deals out there, so you might be able to score one for a bargain!

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  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun during your trip to the weston Caribbean. The deal was simply awesome! What was your overall experience?

  3. The cruise was great and lots of things to do. Food was great and the shows. I would like to go on a smaller one next trip. The ship is very nice with 19 floors. New York was everywhere with not cars but people everywhere. How many nations ? Jenny Lynn was fun to be with me and my family. God is good.

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