Sunrise or Sunset? You Choose.

I recently saw this farewell sign in Antigua while traveling to the Caribbean. On this island, banner signs are hung to communicate the funeral notice of beloved members of a church and denote the sunrise (birth) and sunset (death) of the person.

It reminded me that after my sexual assault, I felt like I had experienced a “death” of sorts. I grieved that I no longer felt safe in the world. I was sad that my free spirit had been stripped from my soul.

I wanted the old Jenny Lynn back, but despite my desire to be happy again, I was stuck and had PTSD, depression, and anxiety for 20 years.

In 2010, facing severe anxiety that crippled me in a different way that scared me, I sought help from a psychologist and psychiatrist to regain my footing. This required work, diligence and a willingness to rip the bandaid off finally and explore the old wounds, but it proved to be effective and allowed me to start healing.

If you believe you will never recover from your sexual assault or rape, you are wrong. There is help and hope. Read my book, “Room 939” and it’s proof that you can live abundantly again.

Today, on November 28, 2022, on the 32nd anniversary of my sexual assault, I celebrate another sunrise and happiness in my life.

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