Reclaiming my Life….Bit by Bit

Yesterday I visited Dr. Marc Bisseck, a plastic surgeon in Statesboro, and did something I would never have considered years ago….I allowed myself a BOTOX treatment.
As Dr. Bisseck was administering the injections, I began thinking about the sexual assault impact statement I had written almost two years ago in Dr. Ellen Emerson’s office. I was trying to put my life back together. I remember well recording, “The skin tissue around my eyes has been terribly impacted by the assault, due to those painful years of weeping seemingly ever ongoing. My eyes once cheery and bright, were a harsh reminder of my pain.”
Many view Botox as vanity, but in my case, I claim it as empowering myself to rid physical scars allowing the return of a renewed beauty, as I began finding the true Jenny Lynn again.  And guess, what?  The once solid tenor of my voice is returning as well. But that’s not from BOTOX. That’s prayer at work.
As you watch the video of my addressing a press conference regarding sexual violation held at the state Capitol last week, think for a moment about what can you do today to begin bettering yourself, leading to a much needed and deserved restoration.
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