Loving Being A Google Alerts Gal

I admit freely…I love Google Alerts!  I have my computer set with the words \”Room 939\” and any time Google \”crawls\” upon it, it alerts me that new content about my book is on the worldwide web.
Google Alerts are useful to:

  • monitor a developing news story
  • keep current on a competitor or industry
  • learn where you or your company is cited or quoted
  • get the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keep tabs on your favorite sports teams
  • find when people link to your site
  • discover new websites on a certain topic

This morning an email popped up with Google Alert in the subject line.  As always, my heart raced with anticipation of who is out there talking about my book.

Today it was Matilda Butler and  Kendra Bonnett who publish Women\’s Memoirs, a blog dedicated to women who are writing memoirs, journaling, storytelling, and sharing memoirs.  They have about 5000 unique visitors per month.  A couple months ago, I was interviewed by Matilda and I\’ve enjoyed seeing the power of digital marketing in generating buzz about my book.  Thanks to Tynicka Battle of Think Tank Digital, Women\’s Memoirs has highlighted my book twice now.

I\’ll share the link to Women\’s Memoirs below for all of my 939 friends to read.  http://womensmemoirs.com/memoir-writing-book-business/memoir-book-business-an-author-explores-unique-codes-to-enhance-memoir-experience/

And again, thanks for all your support in my journey to healing.

Jenny Lynn

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