Life Lessons from the Soccer Field

My daughter, Allison, (the one in the white jersey), has played soccer since 2nd grade.  It’s her passion.   As I have taken photos of her battling her opponents during her 12th grade year, I realized there are life lessons to be learned from her mastery on the field.
Live Boldly.
John Wayne once said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” No matter how fearful they are, bold people take action in the presence of fear.  God is our partner and will give us extraordinary strength to accomplish our goals.
Keep your eye on the prize.
Satan works hard to make us lose our focus.  He tells us lies like, “You’re going to be a failure.”  He even magnifies our past failures to distract us from where we want to go.  Instead, think about the confidence God has in you.  He will direct your path and even place others in the journey to help you succeed. 
Practice Persistence.
Many times in my life I have fallen flat on my face because of suffering and pain.  The question is will we give up because of the mishap or draw upon our trust in God to provide us the determination to get the job done.  No matter if it takes 100 attempts, God is there cheering on your effort.
Empower Each Other.
There is nothing like the power of sisterhood.  As we encourage and support one another, there is nothing that can deter us from reaching our goals when we turn up the estrogen and energize each other.   It turns the attitude of “I can’t” into “WE CAN.”  

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