Healing on Aisle 12

Sheryl Andersen, (left), was right there with me the whole time
as cashier during the Book Signing.

It\’s amazing what can happen on Aisle 12 Women\’s Wear in Walmart on a busy Saturday morning pre-Christmas.  That\’s where I was this past weekend for my book signing when it all started.  First I had a couple come by and wish me well with my book.  The husband and wife looked directly at me and said quietly they too understood about trauma becasue they had been held hostage in their home by a miltary extemist in 1989 in Atlanta, GA.  The wife remarked, \”It took us a very long time to speak of the incident.\”  They thanked me for my courage and moved into the crowd.  Later, a whisp of a lady stopped at the table and asked me the essence of my book.  The grief of her life was once being homeless and now being estranged from her grandchildren.  As she was talking about how much she missed her grandchild, she indicated she would like to buy the book, but did not have the money.  At that time, another woman who was waiting to purchase Room 939 offered to buy her a book.  \”I know how you feel,\” the caring woman offered softly, touching the lady on her arm.  \”My child will not allow me to see my grandchildren either.\”  The two women hugged as hteir hurt temporarily subsided. 

Isn\’t that what sharing does to our hearts?  It brings on healing, allowing us to become open to other people\’s love.  As I sat and watched these two once upon strangers united as if they had known each other a lifetime, I was humbled and grateful I had opened my heart as well by reaching out through Room 939.
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