Great Ideas Brewing at Starbucks

Can a cup of coffee with a colleague at Starbucks become the inspirational moment to decide to write a book?  Yes!  It happened to me.  A year ago, Nov. 10, 2010, I met with Ric Mandes, retired Director of Institional Development at Georgia Southern University  to talk about my future.  He knew of my background and the assault I had lived through in 1990.  At the end of our meeting at Starbucks, he said simply, \”Jenny Lynn, I always thought you had a greater story to tell.\”

With that kernel of truth and the Holy Spirit prompting me to share my story, I am now the author of Room 939 and Ric is the editor.  We celebrated with our favorite baristas and showed them the prototype of the book yesterday.  It\’s less than a week from the launch and I am thankful the idea for the book perculated that cold morning last November.

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