Can Wearing Jewelry Keep a Woman Safe? Yes!


There\’s a cool \”Cuff\” that\’s hitting the market this fall and every woman who worries about safety should own one of these bracelets or necklaces.  Here\’s the lowdown…

The inventor is Deepa Sood, a former VP of product development at Restoration Hardware, who had an \”aha\” moment one night while out with her husband and friends.   \”We had a dinner party during which, over many glasses of Pinot, my husband and some of his friends were geeking out over the Nike + Fuelband and some design friends and I were trying to stack the band in between our other jewelry to make it fit more into our looks. It was a battle of the bands! The next morning, I found myself wondering—why does all this cool functionality have to be relegated to one aesthetic vision.\”

The result?  Bracelets, necklaces and key chains in the Cuff line ($35 to $150)  that serve as a personal alert system.  CuffLinc, the brand’s innovative technology, is a small device embedded into the accessories that connects to your smartphone and sends alerts to your trusted network when you sense you are in a vulnerable or threatening situation.

Here’s how it works: Download the app and designate family and friends to receive alerts in case you sense danger. A subtle touch of the wrist or neck will ping everyone in your network and identify your location via GPS, and it won’t stop until someone responds.

High tech.  Beautiful.  Stylish.  Smart.  Who can resist?  The Cuff collection is available for preorder now, with delivery schedule this fall.




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