Can Guns Deter College Sexual Assault? I don\’t think so.


I read an editorial by James Alan Fox, a Professor of Criminology, Law and Public Policy at Northwestern University in which Mr. Fox concluded that guns won\’t deter college sexual assault. He reasoned carrying guns on campus will only create more problems.

I agree.

Guns will never be the remedy to combat sexual assault on campus.  Instead, we must arm women AND men with the right kind of weaponry.  It\’s called knowledge…information that will empower them to make changes in behavior on campuses nationwide.

Here\’s what students need to know before they set foot on a college campus their freshman year:

  • Between 85%-90% of reported sexual assaults against female students are committed by an acquaintance.
  • Alcohol is the number 1 date drug, often incapacitating students and rendering the university student incapable of consent to any sexual act.
  • Rape is a crime of violence and young men will face lifelong consequences due to their behavior and choices made while inebriated.
  • Only when all students can be taught to be \”active\” bystanders, will we really make significant strides in preventing sexual assault on campuses.



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