Boston Tragedy Takes its Toll Physically and Emotionally


 The unexpected traumatic experience of the two powerful bombs exploding at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday shattered assumptions about safety for many, which could lead to and potentially contribute to the development of widespread Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)  

When I saw the horror on the faces of onlookers as the scenes of chaos unfold on Bolyston Street, it took me back to the attacks of 9/11 and then to my sexual assault and robbery that occurred in hotel Room 939.
Unfortunately, I left my PTSD untreated for 20 years, which ultimately led to anxiety, panic, and fear.  Clinical studies suggest that when the stress hormone cortisol remains chronically elevated, it may induce clinical depression, which it did in my case.
Therefore, it’s important to face PTSD and not leave it untreated.  Learn more about coping with post trauma at the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
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