Are you stressed out today? Read this tip on winning the battle against anxiety.

Did you remember to breathe today?  For at least 20 years, my post traumatic stress affected the way I breathed.  I often “gasped” when startled.  I breathed with shallowness and even held my breath at times when I felt I was in danger.  The result:  lack of oxygen to my brain and constantly remaining in a state of tension, rigidity, and anxiety. 
It’s a hard way to live!
Several years ago, I attended my first yoga class.  During that session on the mat, I remember thinking, “There is not enough action here! Not enough movement. I can’t stand this!”  My mind and body had become so accustomed to panic mode that I knew no other kind of living and had forgotten how to relax.  But over the past eighteen months, I have retrained my breath through yoga and can now breathe DEEPLY, mindfully inhaling and exhaling.  Here are the benefits of yoga and deep breathing:
  •         A boost in immunity!  I have not gotten sick in a long time because as I have breathed better and circulated better, all of my organs have functioned at an optimum level.
  •         Better sleep!  My brain was constantly racing before, but now I use deep breathing to allow my brain to slow down.  I am less exhausted and have much more energy.
  •         A Happier State!  Studies show that yoga can help with depression and it has definitely helped with mine.  I have a sunnier disposition.
  •         Better toned from head to toe!  Yoga is strength training and you use your body weight to go from pose to pose.


 A yogi once said, “A long breath equals a long life.”  Do you get it?  I finally do!
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