A New Way of Living

  One of my favorite musical pieces is sung by Barbara Streisand.  Her lyrics are about a place where we can find peace, quiet and openness.
     But for years spiritually, I was unable to experience any of these life items as I continued to suffer from  a sexual assault invading and destroying me at the age of 28.
     I lived in a prison of constant negative chatter! It closed me down….for a long time.  It changed me into a person I did not recognize.
     Then, during my 10th year of my healing journey, I found the strength to forgive and it set me free.
     So remember there’s a place for us survivors to find peace….collectively.  It’s found in breaking the silence and bonding in sisterhood.
     Just reach your hand out and take mine and we’ll get there….together.
     Somehow, someday, somewhere, you WILL find a new way of living.  You have to hold on to this belief and keep the faith; for it’s truly all we have.
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