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Can Wearing Jewelry Keep a Woman Safe? Yes!


There’s a cool “Cuff” that’s hitting the market this fall and every woman who worries about safety should own one of these bracelets or necklaces.  Here’s the lowdown…

The inventor is Deepa Sood, a former VP of product development at Restoration Hardware, who had an “aha” moment one night while out with her husband and friends.   “We had a dinner party during which, over many glasses of Pinot, my husband and some of his friends were geeking out over the Nike + Fuelband and some design friends and I were trying to stack the band in between our other jewelry to make it fit more into our looks. It was a battle of the bands! The next morning, I found myself wondering—why does all this cool functionality have to be relegated to one aesthetic vision.”

The result?  Bracelets, necklaces and key chains in the Cuff line ($35 to $150)  that serve as a personal alert system.  CuffLinc, the brand’s innovative technology, is a small device embedded into the accessories that connects to your smartphone and sends alerts to your trusted network when you sense you are in a vulnerable or threatening situation.

Here’s how it works: Download the app and designate family and friends to receive alerts in case you sense danger. A subtle touch of the wrist or neck will ping everyone in your network and identify your location via GPS, and it won’t stop until someone responds.

High tech.  Beautiful.  Stylish.  Smart.  Who can resist?  The Cuff collection is available for preorder now, with delivery schedule this fall.




Fight Like a Girl

Growing up, my mother gave me advice that literally saved my life.  She told me and my sister, Janna, that if we EVER were attacked by a man, then do everything in our power to survive.  She told us to kick, scream, run fast as we could…do whatever it took to get away.
 And I did on November 28, 1990 when I survived a brutal sexual assault.
The reason I’m still here today is because I fought like a girl!  Let’s champion girls’ confidence and keep this conversation going. 

Always #LikeAGirl

Let’s Lean In and Empower Women

Growing up in the 70s, the stereotypical mom was June Cleaver.  Donned in dress heels, pearls and apron, this suburban mom’s domestic quest was the kitchen!  My being reared in the quiet and small town of Statesboro, Georgia, the Cleaver persona was paramount. 

     But not so in the Martin home.
     My mother, Faye Sanders Martin, was a pioneer woman in the field of law.  Rather than being tethered to a stove, mother was a strong and successful attorney producing an income that would be envied by most men of that day. Ten to twelve working hours designed her days.   For 22 years, she encouraged and paved the way for countless other female law students to follow in her footsteps, (including my successful sister Janna Martin)
     In November 1978, Faye Sanders Martin was recognized for her brilliance and dedication to the legal profession.  She was appointed as the first woman Superior Court Judge by a Governor in the State of Georgia. I was 16 years old.

     I remember as if it were yesterday standing by her side as she was sworn in by Georgia’s Governor Busbee.  My fearless mom, a Superior Court Judge in Georgia!  This image — this portrait of a strong, independent, go-getter, smart woman – set and sustained the illustration for Janna and me as to how to conduct ourselves in future personal and professional roles.

     But today, for most girls, this is neither that illustration nor reality.  Now, unfortunately they are caught up in the superficial cosmetic web while viewing stock photo images of scantily-clothed women holding power tools or sitting behind a receptionist’s desk.

Enter Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, who wants to challenge these female stereotypes with LeanIn.org. (Applause, applause). She has partnered with Getty Images to try to change the way women are portrayed by creating a 3,000 plus collection of images of women and girls who are the real deal– self-assured, confident and empowered.

I choose to follow in my Mama’s footsteps and promote the image of “real women.”  How about you?


A New Way of Living

  One of my favorite musical pieces is sung by Barbara Streisand.  Her lyrics are about a place where we can find peace, quiet and openness.
     But for years spiritually, I was unable to experience any of these life items as I continued to suffer from  a sexual assault invading and destroying me at the age of 28.
     I lived in a prison of constant negative chatter! It closed me down….for a long time.  It changed me into a person I did not recognize.
     Then, during my 10th year of my healing journey, I found the strength to forgive and it set me free.
     So remember there’s a place for us survivors to find peace….collectively.  It’s found in breaking the silence and bonding in sisterhood.
     Just reach your hand out and take mine and we’ll get there….together.
     Somehow, someday, somewhere, you WILL find a new way of living.  You have to hold on to this belief and keep the faith; for it’s truly all we have.

Turning Pain Into Passion

I want to achieve extraordinary goals — not just ho-hum, common, run-of-the-mill ones.   I want to have a seismic impact on how our world views violence against women and change how sexual assault victims recover…so no woman has to endure what I experienced after my sexual assault….fear, shame, trauma, hurt, despair, post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression.
     So, how do I go about it?  I’ve been reading Chris Brogan’s book, “The Freaks Shall Inherit theWorld,” and I proudly admit I am a freak by Chris’s definition because I want to turn my entrepreneurial vision into a reality…all the while making an impact and a profit.  (The profit part hasn’t come yet and I’ve been at it 3 years).
     Let’s face it…there aren’t that many middle-aged, petite women from rural Georgia going around the country talking about rape, speaking about this taboo subject matter, convinced her message can save lives.
But I can’t help it.  That’s what makes me a freak.   
To achieve these extraordinary goals, Chris Brogan tells me I have to define what success means to me.
    This is what success looks like:
Jenny Lynn speaks to thousands upon thousands of sexual assault victims who are connected through sexual assault coalitions in the United States.  Jenny Lynn also speaks to college campus organizations.  These women, in turn, purchase my book or I partner with organizations to purchase my book at a discount so they give victims my book.  They tell others about “Room 939” and Jenny Lynn.  They go to my website and become a friend on Facebook, Twitter.  They sign up for my free blog and know they are not alone.  They find support and a friend in Jenny Lynn.  They break their silence also.  They write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.  More people find Jenny Lynn’s book.  JENNY LYNN HELPS OTHERS.
It’s as simple as that.
Will you share this blog with a friend who needs my book?  Will you write an Amazon review about my book?  Will you support me in my dreams?  If you do, message me below and let me know what success looks like in your life.


Are you stressed out today? Read this tip on winning the battle against anxiety.

Did you remember to breathe today?  For at least 20 years, my post traumatic stress affected the way I breathed.  I often “gasped” when startled.  I breathed with shallowness and even held my breath at times when I felt I was in danger.  The result:  lack of oxygen to my brain and constantly remaining in a state of tension, rigidity, and anxiety. 
It’s a hard way to live!
Several years ago, I attended my first yoga class.  During that session on the mat, I remember thinking, “There is not enough action here! Not enough movement. I can’t stand this!”  My mind and body had become so accustomed to panic mode that I knew no other kind of living and had forgotten how to relax.  But over the past eighteen months, I have retrained my breath through yoga and can now breathe DEEPLY, mindfully inhaling and exhaling.  Here are the benefits of yoga and deep breathing:
  •         A boost in immunity!  I have not gotten sick in a long time because as I have breathed better and circulated better, all of my organs have functioned at an optimum level.
  •         Better sleep!  My brain was constantly racing before, but now I use deep breathing to allow my brain to slow down.  I am less exhausted and have much more energy.
  •         A Happier State!  Studies show that yoga can help with depression and it has definitely helped with mine.  I have a sunnier disposition.
  •         Better toned from head to toe!  Yoga is strength training and you use your body weight to go from pose to pose.


 A yogi once said, “A long breath equals a long life.”  Do you get it?  I finally do!